7 Quick Fix

7 Quick Fix 1.0

Repair the 21 most common errors in Windows 7


  • No installation required
  • Repairs 21 specific problems in Windows 7
  • Includes a description of each error


  • No configuration options of any kind

Not bad

The presence of malware on your system, or the installation of certain new programs can result in the deactivation of some features and services in Windows 7 that you'll surely want to repair.

This is where 7 Quick Fix comes in handy. It's a standalone app that doesn't require installation and can be run from a USB memory device. 7 Quick Fix enables you to quickly fix a bunch of those special services and features, with a single mouse click.

7 Quick Fix is obviously not the perfect solution for everything. It helps you fix 21 problems in Windows 7, so you may not find the antidote for your symptoms. Among the things that 7 Quick Fix does repair, you'll find the task manager, command prompt, Registry editor, Control panel and others.

To use 7 Quick Fix, simply launch the file and click the element you want to fix on the program's interface. hovering the mouse cursor over any of these elements will display a description of the problem. There's really nothing more to it: no settings, no options.

7 Quick Fix is a simple standalone tool that lets you fix 21 very specific problems in Windows 7 with just a mouse click.

7 Quick Fix


7 Quick Fix 1.0

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